Frequently Asked Questions


A few things about our broth…..

– When the broth is refrigerated, a layer of fat will harden on the top of the jar. This can be removed or included in the heated broth. Some prefer the flavor and leave it, while others prefer the consistency without the fat.

– The broth will have a gelatin consistency (this is what we want!) which will liquify once it is heated. Please heat gently over a low flame.

– There are many ways to enjoy the broth. Sip it (or gulp!) heated like you would tea, use as a base to your favorite soups (chicken noodle soup just got sexy!) or add to sauces to elevate the flavor to the next level! Any way you take it, your body will thank you! For some of the health benefits of adding bone broth to your diet, please scroll to the bottom of this form for links to enjoy.

– We have a website in the works! Stay tuned for a bigger and bolder arrival of SSBB, and soon you’ll be able to find our broth in local stores!

Thank you and enjoy the broth that feels like a hug in every sip!